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Thoughts for Anfealds World

Book 1 in the Anfealds World series "The Vail"-$5.99 which includes S&H

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Book 2 Dustin Anfeald and the Wind Dragon-$6.99

Book 3 Dustn Anfeald and Unknown Assassin-$7.99

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Dustin Anfeald and the Vail

Posted April 23, 2011

Product Description

Dustin Anfeald's world was turned upside down. He discovers the deaths of both of his parents were the result of murder. His quest for answers takes him to a wild and mysterious place where secrets, intrigue, magic, and good and evil, battle for dominion. Dustin is at the center of a titanic struggle for survival, and ultimate control. Is there an explanation for the mysterious events and disappearances on our world? The legends of mythical creatures, we dismiss as fantasy? The often inexplicable disappearances of people, ships, and planes? The timeless and persistent legends of dragons, elves, unicorns, and magic, which can be found throughout the globe? They cannot be found in reality, or can they?
Dustin Anfeald seems to be, a normal boy of fourteen. Suddenly, he is thrown into a whole new universe. Everything he thought and believed suffers an extreme upheaval. Here super magic blends with super science. Dustin Anfeald's perilous and challenging adventure begins where myths are born. Super forces clash in a cataclysmic battle based on The Prophecy. Dustin Anfeald is in the “eye” of this storm. Dustin must quickly acquire advanced skills and magic. They are all that stand between him and the dark forces. Lest they succeed in what they want the most… Dustin Anfealds’s death!

About the Author

Michael D. Waterhouse grew up loving novels that took him off into different lands and times.An avid fan of today's fantasy epic stories and with a desire to share an adventure he has carried in his heart for over 30 years. When he is not writing he enjoys playing chess and breathing in country living in the Smoky Mountains. I try and listen to input from my readers and one suggested I put more about me for people to see ( which I am loathe to do),but the reader is boss!

This is my first book and the series will reflect a story I told to my grand daughter as she was growing up which expanded to a 7 book series.

As for me; I spent a good number of years as a letter carrier and formulated much of this as I walked between deliveries ( which explains why I had so many mis-delivered letters)--only joking

Getting published is a daunting task in todays market, I have been blessed with wonderful sales on Amazon-Kindle-Barnes&Noble, Books A Million and Nook.
I have enjoyed a few book signings and I really enjoy those which involve young readers.
The series starts with  "The Vail" which was published April 14, 2012. The next one was "Dustin Anfeald and the Wind Dragon" was published ,Oct 24, 2012 Book 3-" Dustin Anfeald and the UNknown Assassin" was published Feb 10, 2013. Book 4 "Dustin Anfeald and the Changeling" will be published Oct. 24, 2013.


Awesome Micheal...Love your book

I loved your first two books but you left me hanging off a cliff so to speak with book2!!
When is book 3 coming out?????

Ok Since I heard you can make suggestions on the book here,I have one!
What do you think of ab all out dragon war?
Great writing BTW I have enjoyed both of your books and I am looking forward to new one coming.

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This series of Fantasy books will allow reader input! This page will be set up for questions and or remarks about the storyline or characters.



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